Your New Favorite Hobby: This Build It Yourself Bamboo Bike Kit

Bamboo bike maker Bamboobee is crowdfunding for a build it yourself kit

You can never have too many hobbies and there’s a special feeling that comes with building something with your own two hands—if you’re done with that model rocket and the old jigsaw puzzle, why not invest in a project you might actually use?

Bamboobee started a campaign in April of 2013 to fund the development of their original bamboo bicycle. Bamboo is strong, fast growing and naturally sustainable—so not only are their handcrafted bamboo bicycles stylish, but they are also environmentally friendly and durable.  Thanks to those who backed the campaign, Bamboobee was able to develop their stylish, durable, and lightweight bicycles.

Since their success, they have since developed another ecofriendly bicycle technology—the build your own bicycle kit. The kit not only gives you the experience of biking with an environmentally friendly bike, but it also the experience of building that bike yourself.

You’re probably asking yourself how you can possibly build a bike like this from scratch with no experience or even the proper machinery. Worry not—for the Bamboobee Build It Yourself bicycle, all you will need is a few standard tools and you will be on your way to building your bamboo bicycle. The Build it Yourself Bamboo bicycle is designed to be construction-friendly for practically all ages, which makes for a great group experience with family and friends.

They are currently crowdfunding for the Build It Yourself bamboo bicycle on Predundia, Bamboobee needs to reach their goal of $11,000. When the monetary goal is met, the delivery time should take an estimated seven to nine weeks to ship to consumers.

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