Stop procrastinating. from Your Fittest Summer Ever

Your Fittest Summer Ever

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Stop procrastinating.

It doesn’t have to be a Monday or the first of the month for you to get started. I know what the “I ate a piece of cake and already ruined ‘being healthy’ for today so I might as well start tomorrow” mindset is like. It’s nonsense though. Let go of that “all or nothing” attitude. No matter what your goal is, the next choice that you make can be a positive step towards reaching it— regardless of what you did over the past week, day or few hours. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t eat a perfect breakfast, or if you skipped the morning run you had planned or if you snuck in a Snickers bar after lunch. Let go of it and focus on now. There’s no point in saying, “I’ll start over tomorrow,” when the perfect time to start is this very moment.


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