Your First Trail-Ready Mountain Bike Kit

10 tried-and-true accessories to get your tires dirty

Mountain biking is dirty work, but someone's gotta do it—and you've decided that someone should be you. You've already got a full-suspension, knobby-tired off-road ripper. Now it's time to round out your setup.

We've found super functional technical shorts that actually look good, a weather-proof shell that packs smaller than a tennis ball and lighter than a couple of energy bars, gloves that strike the perfect balance between armor and ventilation and a slick 1,400-lumen light that adds hours to a big day of riding.

These 10 pieces of high-value, tried-and-true gear will perform on any trail under any conditions—day, night, bluebird, blow-high-hell or downpour—and they make up the perfect kit for a first-time mountain biker.

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