Running from Your Favorite Workout and What it Says About You

Your Favorite Workout and What it Says About You

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You actually used to hate running, but for some reason that even you don’t understand you stuck with it, and once you experienced your first runner’s high you never looked back. Now you own at least four pairs of sneakers, but it’s not wasteful because you wear them all on a regular basis. You also own more moisture-wicking garments than regular clothing and you don’t care who knows it. 

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You never stand in the back for group exercise classes. For you, fitness is all about having a blast and you could care less about what anyone else in the gym thinks. Sometimes you’ll hear a song on the radio and spontaneously channel your inner Beyoncé by busting out some saucy dance moves.



You understand what mind-body balance means and strive to achieve that equilibrium both on and off your mat. You wish more people understood that health is just as much about achieving a peaceful state of mind as it is exercising to stay fit. Even though as a yogi you strive to cut ties with all personal possessions, your Lululemon outfits are just as sacred to you as your practice.


Weight Training

When you get to the gym you mean business. You show up with a plan and if anyone tries to distract you they’re going to have a problem. It’s not that you’re unfriendly; it’s just that you’ve got one hour and a whole lot of sets to get through. You won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your goals. You also probably follow the majority of your workouts with protein shakes and participate in #MealPrepMonday so you never have to worry about meeting your macros.



You are always ahead of the fitness curve. You work up a sweat on the rower every chance you get because you know what a great total-body workout it is. All of your friends want to know what you do to make your arms look so sleek, but none of them can understand why you spend so much time on that damn machine. You don’t care though because rowing is your  workout and you own it every time.

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You know that staying fit doesn’t require a gym membership, just a touch of determination and some guidance from Shaun T. The first time you did an Insanity workout you could barely walk the next day. But now you blast through the sessions and it makes you feel like a beast. Who cares if you work out at home? Your warm-up is more intense than most people’s entire workouts.



Chances are you’re either a triathlete or a former competitive swimmer. There’s no place you feel more relaxed than at the pool. Your friends can’t understand how you don’t get bored swimming back and forth for hours, but they don’t know how calming the rhythm of your stroke and the tranquility of the water can actually be. Sometimes it’s hard to get that chlorine smell out of your skin, but you’re not too worried about it because you’re heading back to the pool soon anyway.



You call your gym’s front desk at ungodly hours of the morning just to reserve a spot in class for the following day and wake up at an even more ungodly hour to get to said class. Either that or you’ve developed a brand loyalty to Soul Cycle or Flywheel. If someone makes you late for class there will be hell to pay. Those 45 minutes spent on your bike are sacred and you’ll be damned if anyone gets in the way of that. Also, you know exactly how important a good playlist is for the overall essence of a class, which is extremely, enormously, tremendously important. 

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Your friends ask you a lot of questions about CrossFit and you try not to roll your eyes or sigh loudly as you answer kindly. You do what some might consider an absurd amount of burpees, but you’ve grown to love this exercise that everyone else hates because it's made you a stronger athlete overall. Some people think that your choice of exercise is too “cult-like” or intense, but what they think doesn’t matter to you because all you’re concerned with at the moment is hitting a PR for your power clean and mastering the double under.



You are strong and flexible and your posture is better than a runway model’s. Your core strength redefines the term “abs of steel.” When you’re not at the studio you watch Blogilates videos on Youtube in a fashion similar to the way some people binge watch entire TV show seasons on Netflix.

Your Favorite Workout and What it Says About You