You Won’t Believe These Amazing Photos of People on Ropes Over the Italian Alps

The International Highline Meeting couldn’t possibly get more epic
Photo courtesy of AntiGravity Photography

We’ve all heard the advice that we should push the limits of our comfort zone and do something that scares us every once in a while, but how far is too far? Well, for these adventure athletes, it seems their comfort zones extend to a suspended rope hanging over the Italian Alps.

The International Highline Meeting that takes place on Monte Piana gives new meaning to the term adventure travel. The annual week-long festival began in 2012 when they discovered that Monte Piana offered the perfect atmosphere for the sport, with perfect views and a rich history to boot.

Highwire walking is different from tight rope walking, though. In this sport the athletes walk on ropes that have slack in them, which means the ropes can sway and bounce. Because of the slack in the line these athletes call themselves slackers and watching them on the line is simply amazing.

All photos are courtesy of AntiGravity Photography.

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