You Might Be a Runner If...

Twenty five ways to tell if you've become truly enamored with the sport

Here's the thing: if you run—no matter how far, how fast, or how often—you're a runner. You definitely don't need to check off all (or even any) of the items on this list to be considered a part of the club, but for the most part runners enjoy sharing a unique camaraderie by bonding over the following absurd aspects of the sport.

Composed with the help of some social media followers, if any of the items on this list ring true for you, then yes, you might just be a runner.

You might be a runner if...

Your sneakers cost more than your dress shoes.

You only check the weather forecast to figure out how it will effect your workout.

You're angry you have to wear jeans when all of your running clothes are dirty.

You own more sneakers than any other type of shoe.

The majority of your wardrobe is made up of moisture-wicking material and active wear.

You own more sneakers than what most people would consider normal.

You've forgotten what it's like to shop for normal, everyday clothes. @marathonstateofmind

Your shins are on fire. @juheyy

You're missing a few toenails. @danni_belly

You double check to confirm the number of bathrooms that will be available along the route of your next race. @jenpadel

You've already registered for a race scheduled for 2015. @lydiamunoz00

You have trouble packing lightly when you travel because you need to bring running clothes and sneakers. @buddah_beth

The majority of your social media feeds are filled with updates from your favorite running bloggers. @sherbertski

You strategically plan your shower time around your daily workouts and you refuse to shower if you know you'll be running later in the day. @templekn

When you're out and about and you see someone else running you immediately get jealous. Even if you already went for a run that day. @fit_incollge & @lyss3279

You plan your social calendar around the races you plan to run. @aliciam34

You're always hungry and your stomach feels like a bottomless pit. @emilymarquesx

When you see a good-looking stretch of road or a pretty trail your first thought is, "that'd be a great place to run!" @shewhoisjay

You research for races that will coincide with your vacations. @lovingburpees

When you're running in the cold, rain, or snow, you break out in a huge grin because even though it's not ideal, somehow you still love the moment. @tylerprairie

You think to yourself: "Imagine running up that!" every time you see a huge hill. @jogging_joan

You have race fees & race travel expenses included in your monthly budget. @soni303

You spend more of your day thinking about running compared to anything else. @itfitlifestyle

When you're stuck in traffic with a certain amount of miles left to your exit you think, "I could run that!" or "I'd make it home faster if I could run right now." @fancynancysan & @run_lift_dance

You run... @rfairburn

Is there anything else you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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