You’ll Never Believe How Much Money People are Paying to Avoid Carrying their Gym Bags

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to lug their gym accessories around

No doubt, for time-strapped fitness enthusiasts carrying gym accessories to and from work or other non-gym engagements can be somewhat of an annoyance.  

But is it annoying enough that you’d pay something like $17 to have your sweaty gym clothes sent home while you run along to take care of other errands or head to work?

Apparently for some New Yorkers it is. According to, the new service from Uber called UberRush, which calls on bike or foot messengers instead of cabs, is being used for this very purpose.

One 26-year-old New Yorker told the site that she used UberRush to send her gym clothes home after SoulCycle so that she wouldn’t have to lug them to dinner afterwards.

And another Manhattan dweller admitted to using the service to have food from raw food cafe and green juice bar (cue eye roll) Juice Press delivered when she was told that the wait time for her order would be two hours.

OK, so we kind of get the convenience of the gym bag thing, although it’s still a pretty hefty price to pay and if it turned into a weekly habit, well, it would add up pretty quickly. 

But coughing up nearly twenty more dollars to have your food delivered two hours later? There’s got to be some timelier healthy options close by; you’re in Manhattan for crying out loud.

Maybe the cliché is true, though; time is money…. And apparently for young New Yorkers who are rolling in the latter, it’s totally worth splurging to save the former.

And for those who don’t have wads of extra cash to throw at Uber, but still want to fit exercise into their busy days, well they’ll just have to carry their gym bags around like the rest of us. I mean, I guess we can’t all be like Taylor Swift, right?

What do  you think? Would you splurge to avoid carrying your gym bag or is this a costly habit that's just a bit ridiculous?