You Know You're In Marathon Training When...

When you start training for a marathon, your day to day life might start to change

There’s no way around it, training for a marathon is hard work. There’s so much running and napping and eating involved. In fact, if you try to engage in any activities outside of those three things, there’s a good chance you might spontaneously combust out of pure exhaustion. (I’m kidding! It’s not that bad. Just make sure you get enough sleep.)

As you being to train and ramp up you’re mileage, you’ll start to notice some changes; in your energy levels, your appetite and probably your social life, too.

The amount of miles you’re covering every week (and the fact that you signed up for a 26.2-mile race) will hopefully clue you in to the fact that you’re in marathon training mode. But just in case you weren’t sure, I tapped into the online running community to collect a list of surefire marathon training signs.

Here’s how you’ll know your well on your way to (hopefully) conquering that 26.2-mile race.

You Know You’re Training for a Marathon When…

Your weekends are planned around your long training runs, not a party night out. @rjhart29x

You'll wake up earlier on Saturday or Sunday (for long runs) than you ever would during the week. @davidgraves_

You have to build nap time into your long run days, and stock the refrigerator in advance. @hangry_badger

If you’re a parent: your kids ask how long your run is going to take. @alandrews79

You warn everyone around you to be kind during tapering. @joan_alva

You drink your weight in water every day. @jimisonracing

All you can think about besides running is sleeping and napping. - @casiepr

Your toenails are nowhere to be found. (Eeek!) @i_saiahs_n_lukes_pop

You're hungry all the time! @cmhads

You spend half of your days with a full bladder from hydrating. @amberruns262

You don't remember the last time something on your body wasn't sore. @wthwhynot2011

You rearrange your daily schedule according to how many miles you have to run. @annickafo

You’re constantly asked when the race date is, then they get confused as to why you're training when it's 2 to 3 months away. @kaitlinkidwell

You spend more time picking your long run outfit than your “going out” outfit. @jmbarberet

And if you’re an ultra-runner: You train less than normal #UltraEnduranceShowOff. @takeachallenge

What else would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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