Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Morning

Top morning moves from professional SUP Yoga Instructor Gillian Gibree

Too many of us start the day in a whirlwind of stress and confusion. Having hit the snooze button a few too many times, we’re on the verge of being late and that kind of rushed, haphazard beginning sets the tone for the whole day. Sound familiar?[slideshow:1211]

Your current morning routine might be hectic, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. A few adjustments at the start of your day can make all the difference. Set aside some time in the morning for a few yoga moves to regain the calm, centered and strong feeling.

We turned to professional SUP Yoga Instructor Gillian Gibree to get the scoop on the best morning moves. Gibree has been passionate about water sports and yoga for years, even starting her own business—Paddle Into Fitness—to train other potential SUP yoga instructors. When she isn’t busy teaching, she also competes in prestigious SUP competitions, appears on the cover of fitness magazines and leads yoga presentations at Wanderlust Festivals.

A big advocate of morning yoga, Gibree highlights seven key moves to help you feel resilient and refreshed as you start your day. 

Child's Pose

Benefits: Calms and relaxes the body, slows the mind and opens the hips.

Begin in child’s pose with big toes touching, knees out wide and fingertips reaching forward. Allow the hips to sink down toward the ground, with your forehead on the mat. Take some time to settle in here, perhaps swaying the hips side to side, rolling out the forehead. Take three deep cleansing breaths—big inhale with full expansion of the lungs and slow open mouth exhales—releasing everything out. 

Cat Cow Pose

Benefits: Warms up and strengthens the spine and neck, and improves posture.

Come into a table top position, placing the hands under shoulders and knees hip width distance apart. Spread fingers wide and keep the neck neutral. Moving into cat/cow, Inhale for cow—lift the gaze, dip the belly. On the exhale curl and round like a cat, tucking the chin into the chest while tailbone tucks under. Inhale for cow, exhale cat. Continue to move through cat/cow continuing breathing, finding any other organic movements to warm up the spine.

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