Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Kids

Get creative and practice these 12 poses with your little one

Kids and yoga make a perfect pair. Think about it—kids love to move their bodies, they enjoy imitating animals and they have lots and lots of energy just waiting to be channeled into something productive.[slideshow:1297]

If you enjoy yoga it only makes sense you’d want to share it with your kids. Not only does the practice build mental and physical strength but it also teaches us about our bodies, balance and the importance of taking care of ourselves. Regardless of your child’s age (or your age, for that matter) everyone can benefit from yoga.

From downward dog to sandwich pose, these moves are simple and safe but still bring many benefits. Show your little one how to do the move, do it with them or let them climb aboard your plank pose—as long as they’re having fun, it’s sure to be a great introduction to yoga.  

There are plenty of poses you can do together, we put together a list of 12, but remember to keep it light and fun. Most kids enjoy moving around and tend to get distracted easily, so using the poses in a game is a good idea and combining animal sounds helps too. Get creative and practice these 12 poses with your little one.

Down Dog Pose

The name of alone is sure to delight your kids and the quality leg stretch is a nice benefit too—not to mention it strengthens the shoulders.

Start by extending hips high into the air, moving feet apart and setting arms out in front of you. Move around, bend your knees and find a position that’s comfortable before really getting into the stretch. Once ready, your body should be an inverted V, with a long straight spine, a relaxed neck and heels pressed to the ground. Relax and take a few deep breaths.

Child’s Pose

This simple calming move was practically made for your little one. The Child’s Pose relaxes the body, slows the mind and opens up the hips.

Start with your feet together, knees out to the side, arms reaching straight out and your forehead on the mat. Let your hips settle toward the floor and sway just a bit, then take a few deep breaths with your little one and come out refreshed.

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