Yoga Gear for Guys

Yoga Gear for Guys

Gaiam Sol Adara, $60. Not only will this mat keep you from slipping thanks to its semi-sticky feel, but that won’t change even if your whole body is waterfalling sweat. Your feet will thank you for the cushy, easy-on-the-joints feel, and as you walk home from class, your pride will thank you that it only comes in one color—black. 

Manduka Equa Towel Plus, $48. It’s gray. It’s quick to absorb and evaporate moisture. It’s odor resistant. Plus, it’s the softest workout towel you’ll ever feel. What more could you ask for? 

PrAna Sutra Pant, $68. You may be tempted to walk out the door in your baggy old gray sweats, but try to resist: slightly tighter clothing allows an instructor to better adjust your pose so that you max out the benefits. These pants are stretchy enough to let you move, baggy enough that you don’t feel like you’re showing off too much, come in earthy colors and they’re made from hemp fibers which are naturally odor resistant.

Lululemon Repetition Duffel, $148. This bag has all of the accoutrements of your trusted gym bag (outside pockets for easy access, a separated compartment for sweaty shoes and clothes, a durable throw-it-around feel), but features two clips on its top that make it easy to carry your (manly) mat right on top.  

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap, $5. Shops will try to sell you fancy, lavender-scented anti-microbial cleaners, but when it comes down to it, you just don’t need those things. Wash your mat only after you’ve drenched it in sweat more than a dozen times and it starts to stink like your feet. When you do, mix a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s into a spray bottle of water, give the mat a good misting, then wipe down with a cloth and lay it to fully dry. Then, take the organic cleaner to the shower or into the wilderness.

CGear Sand-Free Technology, $60. This under-your-yoga-mat mat was designed with military anti-sand technology—it allows sand and dirt to move from the top of the mat through to the ground, but won’t let a speck come back onto its surface. This means you’re free to take the route of your wife and head to the beach for morning sun salutations or hike your moves into the dusty wild on your connect-with-nature camping trip without having to worry about ruining your yoga gear. Bonus: Throw it under your tent or use it for sitting to keep your other gear sand- and dirt-free.