Yoga Gear for Guys

Man mats, odor-resistant towels and more
Staff Writer

It’s hard to argue against the benefits of practicing yoga, but in spite of this, whenever I go to a class, it’s dominated by one gender—women. But why? Yoga is great for cyclists, runners and climbers, it can do wonders for anyone who’s aching from a desk job, and that’s without going into the mood, heart or sex-life boosting health perks.

But if you want to try a little broga (that is, “bro yoga,” and also the name of a new Massachusetts yoga studio geared entirely toward men), you’re going to need some gear. Not to worry, though—you can avoid your wife/girlfriend/sister’s pink and purple flowery mat and towel combo with these 6 items, guaranteed to keep you feeling like a man while you unleash your inner yogi.

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