Would You Run a Race With No Finish Line?

First ever globally synchronized running race

A race without a finish line sounds like an event that could attract very few runners, yet the Wings for Life World Run has already confirmed thousands of entries, including sign-ups from more than 200 elite athletes from around the world.

The unique race will take place on May 4th 2014 and is the first ever globally synchronized running event. It begins at 10AM UTC and at equivalent times across the globe, with 40 different race courses on 6 different continents. Of course, the enormous span of the race isn’t its biggest catch.

Instead of a traditional finish line marking a specific distance, each Wings for Life course will feature a moving finish in which a “catcher car” will dispatch 30 minutes after the start. When the car passes a runner, their race is over and they’ll return to the start area via shuttle where they can celebrate. The final female and male runners left standing will be declared the winners.

For most participants, the race isn’t all about becoming a world champion, though. The main aim of the event is to raise money for spinal cord injury research, which affects more than three million people worldwide.

No matter where their start line may be, the unparalleled event will feature exciting scenery for each racer; some will trek through desert landscapes while others course along charming coastlines. However, the scenery may not matter much for those starting in locations like South Korea, New Zealand and Australia where the time zone differences will have participants racing through the dark night.

“There are so many wonderful tracks. A mass of runners at beautiful locations all trying to out-run a car. It’s going to be sensational,” said Olympic medalist and the Wings for Life World Run sports director Colin Jackson.

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