The Worst Race Cheats of All Time Slideshow

The Worst Race Cheats of All Time Slideshow

Rich Rayner/NNP
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At the 2011 Kielder Marathon in Northumberland, Britain, Rob Sloan hopped a spectator bus at the 20-mile mark and rode it six miles to the race's finish area. There, he hid behind a tree until the other runners came into view and rejoined the race, crossing the finish line with a respectable time of two hours, 51 minutes and one second, good for third place. Only problems were that the bus driver and several passengers recognized him, the "fourth place" finisher didn't recall ever seeing Sloan in front of him and, well, Sloan was one of the only competitors to run the second half of the race faster than the first (and significantly so). He vehemently denied cheating in the face of mounting evidence, but eventually came clean.


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