The World's Sketchiest BASE Jumps

Extreme athlete "Sketchy Andy" Lewis shares his closest calls

"Sketchy Andy” Lewis first came to fame thanks to a documentary featured in the Reel Rock Film Tour—a traveling film festival for those who love extreme outdoor sports. Crowds watched with a mixture of fascination, amusement and terror as the wacky, carefree daredevil walked highlines thousands of feet off the ground without ropes for protection.

Word got out about Lewis’ fearless antics and he was soon making appearances on Conan O’Brien, Saturday Night Live and even the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Even in the midst of this celebrity, Lewis continued to venture outdoors to push the limits not just in highlining, but also in BASE jumping and 300-foot rope swings between canyon walls.

As you can imagine, these feats involve an extremely high level of risk, and not all of Lewis’ antics go off without a hitch. Sometimes, in fact, he comes remarkably close to tragedy. In the video above, Lewis outlines some of his “sketchiest” base jumps from Moab, Utah to Batu Caves in Malaysia. 

Via Epic TV.