World’s First “Connected” Bike Could Make Commuting Safer

Smart bike sees major crowd funding success in National Bike Safety Month

National Bike Safety Month began on May 1 and by the end of the month bike commuters will be at least one step closer to a safe ride thanks to Valour.

Until recently, only motor vehicles had access to technology like blind spot detection and hands-free GPS compatibility. With the funding of the conceptual bike, the Valour, bikes will soon have access to these technological safeguards, and others.

Vanhawks, the team who built the Valour, describes their creation as “the world’s first connected bike for the urban commuter.” The bike is connected through an App, which works with lights on the handlebars to give turn-by-turn directions and can track everything from bike speed to calories burned.

Safety features include blind spot awareness and theft protection. Blind spot awareness works through handlebars that vibrate when a car is closer than 10 feet behind a bike or within 4 feet on either side. Light-up signals warn cars of turns and theft protection utilizes built-in GPS and the network of Valour bikes to locate stolen cycles.

They are currently raising funds for mass production and distribution on On May 31, the funding period ends, as does National Bike Safety Month, but they don’t need 25 more days to meet their funding goal. As of May 5, the campaign had surpassed its $100,000 goal, raising more than $203,000 from 261 different backers.

This rush of funding calls attention to a problem all too familiar to the cycling community. Cyclists are hit and killed on a road they are meant to share. It is Vanhawks’ hope that the inclusion of this technology will lead to a safer journey for riders and more fun for those who love cycling.

So check out Valour, to see how the simple pleasure of a bike ride can also be the smartest, safest way to travel.