Top Running Cities Around the World

Top Running Cities Around the World

#10 Tokyo

During a trip to Tokyo Shirazi fit in a quick run through the park, which he says is a great place for people watching—a favorite pastime of many a runner.

#9 Florence

Like the other European cities he mentioned, Shirazi noted that running in Italy can be difficult sometimes. However, he did mention that he especially enjoys hitting the road for a run in cities like Florence and Rome.

#8 Sydney

Shirazi uses running as a way to reenergize after a long trip and overcome jet lag. “I beat jet lag and fatigue from a 14-hour flight by running through some of the trails here," he recalls. "Especially near Sydney Harbor.”

#7 Barcelona

Not only is Barcelona a fitness friendly city, but Shirazi says it’s one of the best cities in Europe for running. “I love running along the beach before a night of tapas," he says. 

#6 Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, runners must beware of bikers. Shirazi warns that at certain times running here can be a challenge. “If you can run early morning or weekends when commuters aren't biking to work, Amsterdam is a favorite,” he says.

#5 Santa Monica

Shirazi loves Santa Monica not only because it’s a great place for runners, but also because it’s welcoming to almost any other activity you can think of. “I especially like running along the Pacific from Santa Monica up to Malibu. I feel like I'm at the edge of the U.S when running along the beautiful Pacific Ocean,” he says.

#4 New York

In New York Shirazi’s favorite places to run include Central Park and the West Side Highway. In fact, he compares Central Park to a paradise for runners. “It’s also fun to run along the West Side Highway and take in views of the new Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty,” says Shirazi.

#3 Paris

Commenting that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, Shirazi adds: “I can run for miles along the Seine River and take in views of the Eiffel Tower, past the Louvre, up through Place Vendome and the Champs Elysees.” He also noted that there are many easy-to-find trails here. “Just ask the hotel concierge,” he says.

# 2 London

Although running in Europe can be more challenging compared to other parts of the world, Shirazi still named London as his second favorite running city. “Running in Europe is more difficult because exercise culture isn’t as pervasive as in the U.S. However, London does measure up to any American city, with fantastic trails through Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, and long the river Thames,” says Shirazi.

#1 Washington, DC

Shirazi calls DC one the most runner-friendly cities in the world. “It’s very European and set up with lots of walkways. It’s pedestrian friendly and there are so many wonderful views,” he says. “I especially love running past The White House, Capitol, and through Georgetown.”

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