The World Needs More Female Bicycle Mechanics

Scholarship offers chance for 10 women to further their bicycle careers

A long time has passed since 1920 when the 19th Amendment was ratified. And progress has been made, we can not deny that. But sometimes it feels like we are moving backwards. Some jobs and careers are still dominated by men, and accepted as the norm.

But, to progress is to push forward. And that means shattering the standards and rebuilding a new idea of the typical or given. This does not just happen in the workplace, but in sports, school, and everyday life. And when that push is in the right direction, it can make a huge difference.

This year, suppliers such as SRAM, Liv, QBP, Pedro’s and Park Tool have come together to sponsor ten scholarships to attend United Bicycle Institute (UBI). Even better, these scholarships are offered to women bike mechanics. They are dedicated to support the development of female mechanics and to get more women on bikes.

The scholarship gives opportunity to women to increase technical knowledge and further a career in the bike industry which is very much dominated by men.

The 2-week program offered at UBI covers Professional Shop Repair and Operations. There is also additional support provided by Nuu-Muu and the Outdoor Women’s Coalition.
“It can be challenging for women to join the bike industry, and it will take numerous efforts to create a talent pipeline,” said Alix Magner, QBP’s Distribution Sales Manager and Scholarship Program Manager. “This is one step, and we’re thrilled at the level of initiative from our partners to start leading change in how women are included in our industry.”

The scholarship is open to U.S. residents over 18 years old currently employed at a bike shop. The open call for applications is happening now until November 15th, and all winners will be notified by December 19th.

So, if you are an aspiring bike mechanic, and a woman, make sure to apply, and get the world moving in the right direction and on two-wheels.