Nepalese Woman Climbs Everest Twice in a Week

The high-altitude achievement is a new Guinness World Record
Staff Writer

Since Edmund Hillary first reached the top of Everest in 1953, only 3,000 others have successfully completed the climb. Of those, a tiny percentage has gone on to repeat the feat.

In May, however, a female Sherpa named Chhurim (many Sherpas have just one name) set a new bar: She summited twice in a week, the first woman to do so.

According to the Associated Press, Chhurim, 29, reached the top on May 12 and again on May 19. The 29-year-old received a certificate from the Guinness World Records this week.

“I am very happy for this recognition,” Chhurim told the Agence France-Presse. "I was determined that the record should be held by a Nepalese woman and I’m proud to be one.”

Via Time.


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