Wired Wilderness: The Best New Tech from O.R.

Staff Writer
12 new technologies that could change how you experience the outdoors

Technology is creeping into every facet of our lives, affecting everything from how we communicate to how we exercise. And its advance units—battery-sucking cameras, GPS units and altimeter watches—are venturing with us, deeper into the great outdoors than ever before. Whether it’s seen as an invader or a welcome guest, tech’s march into the backcountry is as steady and unstoppable as an AT hiker, and it’s raising new questions, like: How do I film this cool trick with my GoPro? (A: The AIMe camera mount.) Does One Direction sound better in the woods? (A: No.) How do I charge all this stuff without outlets? (BioLite BaseCamp).

But outdoors “tech” isn’t all about smartphones, POV cameras and other electronic gizmos that can sully the wilderness experience. In some cases, we’re looking at simple innovations—a mechanism that automatically switches a backcountry boot between walk and ski modes, for example—that make chasing our outdoors passions simpler or safer.

At this year’s winter Outdoor Retailer show, we saw dozens of new gear pieces that advance outdoors technology in ways both big and small. From a helmet-mounted crash sensor that could save your life to sunglasses that help you see in Technicolor and HD, these are some of the year’s most interesting and exciting tech pieces. Click here to read on…

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