Winter's First Massive Swell Hits Hawaii

Big wave surfers gather at Jaws
Staff Writer


The winter’s first massive swell hit Hawaii on Tuesday—and just like that, scores of the world’s top big wave surfers flooded to the north coast of Maui. Seen out at the infamous tow-in break, Jaws (also known as Peahi), the guys (and girl) continued to push boundaries, holding a paddle-in only session on waves that sometimes topped out at 50+ feet.

Big wave maven Shane Dorian came out of the day with two rides on monster, picture-perfect barrels. Both rides have already earned him nominations in the Billabong XXL Awards (watch him below), and have left the world to gawk at the triumphant, superhuman shot above.

He was joined by the likes of Greg Long, Makua Rothman, Mark Healy and Keala Kennely. Surfer Magazine has incredible photos from the daybe sure to check out the gallery.

And the season’s just begun. 

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