Winter Weather Workout Gear Slideshow

Winter Weather Workout Gear Slideshow

This windproof and waterproof jacket’s most notable feature is its 360-degree retro reflectivity. Whether you’re running in the early hours before work or in the evening after dinner, this piece boosts visibility and safety. Fluorescent colored textiles and strategically placed reflectivity in motion zones allows for better awareness amid traffic and under street lights. At just 4.3 ounces, it’s not the heaviest winter running jacket on the market, but an easy top layer that can be mixed and matched to customize warmth.

An official sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team, Dermatone’s pomade skin protector is built to withstand harsh temperatures and nasty winds. These little tins are a must-have on sub-zero days, when they provide critical protection against frostbite, windburn and—at 23 SPF—the sun.
$8.29 (.88 oz);

Easily one of the most comfortable socks around, FITS Ultra Light Nordic Crews can be worn for all manner of winter workouts. With digit-conforming toe cups, deep heel pockets and tall cuffs, these socks do exactly what the brand name promises—offer supreme fit. Made of wool, nylon, polyester and Lycra spandex, they also keep your feet toasty warm for all cold weather activities.

Outfitted with LED light strips, these arm warmers provide an important element of safety during the shortest days of the year. Made from 100 percent Coolmax polyester, the fabric performs in all temperatures. Whether you’re in the saddle or on foot, these are an ideal accessory in low light conditions when you need to be seen.

The baselayer is perhaps the most overlooked and most important aspect of the winter workout ensemble. With tech fibers closest to the skin, moisture is wicked away from the body, allowing you to retain warmth. The Pursuit Leggings are made from a stretchy merino fiber that creates a slim fit to wear under other layers, while still allowing for ample movement when you’re on the go.

This shirt from Patagonia merino wool/polyester blend shirt works as an excellent mid-layer in the dead of winter, and becomes a good top layer when spring temps are on the rise. It wicks moisture, controls odor and is incredibly soft to the touch. Shaped cuffs that unfold into mittens make for one less accessory to remember when you head out the door.

Made with cyclists in mind, these pliable yet warm gloves work for just about every type of winter workout. The lobster design and Primaloft insulation promises to keep your fingers warmer than traditional gloves, without adding extra bulk.

These all-natural, high energy snacks can give an athlete a boost before, during or after a workout and, perhaps most important come this time of year, they are freeze-resistant. If you need to leave a snack sitting on the track in your gym bag or in the back pouch of your jersey, you won’t be disappointed to find an ice block of nutrition after your workout. Organic and 100% vegan, my favorite flavors include Chocolate Coconut, Oatmeal Raisin and Strawberry and Greens.

Though it's chiefly known for its socks, Smartwool also has a great line of other accessories, including this training beanie. Comprised of jersey knit construction, the 4-panel design fits nice and tight over your head to thwart the cold wind. Around the ears is a double-layer band made of 100% merino wool, which keeps your ears warm and wicks away sweat.

These razor-thin insoles are insulated with Thinsulate, treated with odor-preventing Polygiene and feature moisture-wicking components for warmer days. That's probably more technology than you thought was possible for 2.5mm of material. Put them straight from package into your running shoes, or warm them in the oven and custom-mold them to your unique foot shape.

Utilizing Sugoi’s highest density fleeced thermal protection, these are not your average run-of-the-mill tights. Rather, they're water resistant and provide top-notch warmth in the nastiest winter weather, while remaining sleek and contoured. Flat seams and a lined crotch prevent chaffing, which can definitely be the difference between a good and bad workout.

If you prefer ankle socks, Wigwam’s Merino Ridge Runner Pros are your best bet. Soft and durable, they will keep your feet dry and blister free. A cushioned sole and breathable mesh instep insure a great fit for cold weather sports.

In addition to offering warmth, this baselayer top features compression properties. Designed to provide muscle support and increased circulation, the lightly brushed interior helps trap warm air while maintaining breathability. What’s more, the tight-fitting nature of compression wear makse it an easy piece to sport under almost any midweight layer.

An informal survey of runners reveals that by far the scariest—and most dangerous—part of winter training is keeping your footing in snowy, icy conditions. Enter the Yaktrax Run, a traction device that's easily strapped over your shoes to help keep you righted on your run with steel coils and removable spikes for extra bite. As a bonus, Yaktrax guarantees they're winter-worthy to -41º F, so you could ostensibly take them for a spin in the deep freeze of the Arctic tundra.