Winter is Coming: 8 Pieces of Equipment for Cycling Inside

Winter is Coming: 8 Pieces of Equipment for Cycling Inside

Winter is Coming: 8 Pieces of Equipment for Cycling Inside

When winter hits, and the snow starts to fall, it becomes difficult to get outside and train on the road. Bicycles are not meant to withstand the intensive snowy weather. Add wind resistance and slippery cement, and an accident is waiting to happen.
But whether you are training for a triatholon or just want to stay fit, people still need to pedal. The solution: bicycle trainers. A trainer is a piece of equipment that keeps your bike stationary while allowing you to ride it. It's a neat contraption that allows the rider to train indoors in a small space. 
To get ready for the frigid season, we've compiled a list of the best bicycle trainers and equipment. They range in price and style so whether you are buying your first, or are looking to upgrade, there is a trainer in this list for everyone.

CycleOps Fluid² Trainer

Get a road-like feel with this fluid resistance unit. Customize your ride by simply shifting your own gears through the large, precision balanced flywheel. You can complete your training goals easily and get the most out of indoor riding. 
Buy it on for $349.99

Travel Trac Technique PRO Alloy Rollers

This roller unit offers a stimulating feel while improving balance and smoothing your spin at an affordable price. The frame folds easily for storage or transport and can fit bikes up to a 22" wheelbase. 
Buy it on for $199.99

BKool Pro Trainer + Simulator

For a realistic and advanced indoor training experience, BKool has you covered. By combining biomechanical engineering with powerful cycling software, this trainer creates an extremely realistic experience with sensations similar to riding on the road. Add a virtual simulator with over 500,000 routes, and you can train for any thing. 
Buy it on for $721

Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer

Quiet and smooth, the Quno Fluid is one of a kind. It's patented resistance unit is comprised of a flywheel that spins in fluid. The resistance increases as your wheel speed increases and he faster you ride, the more resistance it produces. It is also compatible with a virtual coach app called My E-Training which manages power, pedal cadence, heart rate, time, speed, and distance.
Buy it on for $329.99

CycleOps The Silencer

Do you train through the quiet hours of the morning or night? The Silencer knows that neighbors don't like a noisy trainer, and their answer comes in this magnetic resistance desishn. With more consistent resistance and a whisper-quiet noise leve, this 5-level trainer is a great option.
Buy it on for $659.99

Wahoo Fitness Kickr Power Trainer

As the winner of the CES 2013 Best Health & Wellness Innovation and the Eurobike 2014 Best Cycling Accessory, the Kickr Power Trainer may be pricey, but it is professional quality. It features accurate power measurement, controlled resistance connected to your iPhone, virtual training, and an ultra-realistic road feel. There is a 10-speed or 11-speef option, and is one of the smoothest ride trainers on the market.
Buy it on for $1,099.99

Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer

This trainer guarantees to be 100% leak-proof in its precision-calibrated fluid resistance unit. It offers a wide range of training options on a stable, durable frame. Compatible with Kinetic inRide and fits all bikes with 22 to 29 inch wheels. 
Buy it on for $379

Nashbar Fluid Pro Trainer

Replicate your ride outside with the Nasbar Fluid Pro. It includes a fluid resistance unit with internal flywheel among an additional remote cable and dial adjuster so that you can choose the amount of resistance you want. The trainer is quiet and has a simple set up so that you can bring it anywhere. It also is at an affordable price and is a great trainer to get started on.
Buy it on for $199.99