This Windowless Plane Will Take Adventure Travel to the Next Level

A plane with no windows sounds gloomy, but wait until you see it

To get a better view of the outside world, lose the windows altogether—that’s the solution CPI came up with when designing a more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient passenger plane.

The little windows built into planes now are much heavier than you would expect and each bit of weight means greater fuel costs and higher prices for everyone. The windowless plane would be unpleasant without at least the illusion of natural light, so their concept would feature cameras mounted to the plane’s exterior and giant screens that cover the inside of the cabin, which will show images from those cameras. The screens will also allow passengers to watch movies, access the internet and even contact the flight attendant.

Though the reality of windowless planes is a decade away, it’s a mind-blowing concept.

See more on the windowless plane concept here.

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