Win Cash During Lance's Oprah Interview

One bookie takes bets on Armstrong's key phrases
Staff Writer

Did covering the Lance Armstrong doping saga make me jaded? Sure. But c’mon—if you’ve read even a single article on the topic, you can identify the buzzwords of the case just as easily as I can. “Witch hunt,” “never tested positive,” “confession,” “innocent,” all come to mind. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

During Armstrong's highly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey, British bookkeeper Ladbrokes is taking bets on Lance’s language. Cycling weekly reports:

Ladbrokes are only offering evens on Armstrong's use of the word 'Confess' and the phrase 'Never tested positive' during his chat at his Texas home with Winfrey. The phrase 'Witch hunt' and the names of Irish journalists David Walsh and Paul Kimmage offer slightly better prospects at 2/1.

Check out the full list of weighted words here—it’s pretty comprehensive, completely hilarious and a brilliant idea. My only suggestions: add betting odds for Lance and Oprah tearing up, and (for the dirtbags out there), screw the cash and turn this sucker into a drinking game.

A Tour de Franzia could, perhaps, be appropriate.