Will This Bike Umbrella Actually Keep You Dry?

An innovative bike umbrella called Dryve hopes to help urban cyclists

Commuting via bicycle can be a blessing and a curse. It is a great form of quick, easy, and free transportation, but can get a bit messy on poor-weathered days of the year. Those of us who experience snowy winters are used to leaving the bikes home every so often on extra miserable days. But, the worst can hit any time of the year, rain.

A Swiss Company thinks that they have the answer and they call it Dryve. Presented at this year’s Eurobike in Germany, Dryve claims to be the ideal weather protection for daily trips by bike. It can easily be assembled and disassembled within seconds and is super lightweight. It includes an Aqua Ripstop, fiberglass rods, an unbreakable polycarbonate window among a transparent PVC sheet. The construction can be customized and keeps safety in mind by not restricting the cyclist’s view.

It’s an innovative idea, set to come out in spring 2015 at retail shops at an estimated price of  € 135. But, the question remains, will this really keep you dry? The promotional photos show happy people dry and comfy under their water-repellent and wind-resistant roofs. But what about the sides? This is completely leaving out any protection of side wind or rain. I mean, even umbrellas offer a bit more protection on the sides than this. On top of it, the design suggests some serious increased wind resistance. And water will still be coming up from the tires, too.

It would be great to have a water-proof way to get to work when it’s down-pouring, but unless you have some serious rain gear, waterproof head to toe, there’s no surefire way to not get wet. 

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