Wildfire Threatens Alaskan City—Sled Dogs, Too!

Evacuations began Sunday as more than 90 fires rage across the state

Air Force servicemen, mushers and Fairbanks residents alike are all fleeing the Alaskan city because of a nearby wildfire, reported the Anchorage Daily News.

Fairbanks and suburbs east of the city are within the path of a large wildfire started after a fire was set as part of a military training exercise. The Air Force base in the area is also under threat, with some reports that base buildings have already suffered damage. Evacuations began Sunday with many people fleeing with their animals, including the hundreds of sled dogs in the area.

More than 90 wildfires are currently raging in Alaska. Of these, firefighters are battling 11. There is also a wildfire further west of the city, but the eastern wildfire is closer and larger. In 2011, the last year Alaska had available data, there were 515 fires total in the state.

As of press time, the Fairbanks-area fire is still not contained despite more than 700 firefighters fighting the blaze.

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