Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year to Get In Shape

Fitness professionals explain why you should start right now

Ah, the new year; it’s a chance to start over, a new beginning, a fresh start.

Well, maybe in the theoretical sense. But really, the first of January is just like any other day of the year. So, contrary to the whole idea of setting “New Year's Resolutions,” when it comes to setting and working towards new goals, it doesn’t really make any sense to wait for a turn in the calendar to get started.

In fact, this holds true especially when it comes to your health and fitness.

“Your health and your body and the care you put into it should be valued highly,” says Stephanie Lauren, a certified personal trainer, nutritional health and wellness coach and the founder of Plyoga Fitness.

She points out that your health and fitness shouldn’t be determined by the season or time of year. Rather, you should place a focus on taking care of yourself year round.

“You get one body to live in your whole life,” she adss.

Bottom line: why put something as important as your health and wellness on the backburner when you can start making improvements right now?

Obviously that's a rhetorical question, but a few experts that I talked to did share some great reasons that explain why you absolutely shouldn’t wait.

Vivian Eisenstadt MAPT, CPT, MSP, CEO is a personal trainer and Chief Physical Therapist at Vivie Therapy in Los Angeles; Mike Dewar is a certified national strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and the Co-Founder of J2FIT Human Performance; Stephanie Dreyer is the founder of VeegMama, a lifestyle blog sharing new approaches to healthy living through food, wellness and personal fulfillment;  and Maurice Buchanan is a personal trainer and the owner of UGO1 Fitness.

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You’ll approach the holidays with a different attitude.

Eisenstadt says that if you continue to focus on health and fitness starting now and through the holiday season, you may be less likely to overeat and overindulge. She suggests setting goals that will help to keep you motivated right now so that your mindset will shift from worrying about whether you’re eating too much to keeping track of the good things, like exercising and eating healthily, that you are doing.

You’ll have less work to do later.

“One of the main reasons people start their New Year’s ‘resolution’ to lose weight is because they overindulge during the holidays,” says Eisenstadt. “If you start now, you won’t have more weight to take off after the holidays, but instead you'll be in a great place to continue a great habit you started in November.”

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