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When Is Father’s Day 2024?

What day is Father’s Day this year, and how to celebrate it

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Barbecuing, relaxing in the yard on a hot summer day and spending family time together is a perfect way to celebrate this Father’s Day, which is on Sunday, June 16, 2024. Celebrate the father figure in your life by doing some of his favorite things. Ask him how he’d like to spend the day and then make up a short itinerary to follow.

Need some ideas? Besides going on a hike or fishing at the lake, take him out to dinner if he doesn’t want to cook.

Food for Father’s Day
There’s no denying that a classic Father’s Day meal is one that came straight off the grill. Your dad might already be a pro, but he can teach you how to grill salmon perfectly every time. You can also cook steak like a chef or learn how to make chicken on the grill that isn’t boring.

If you want to dine out, indulge your father with a hearty meal at one of the best steakhouses in America. If you want something you know is going to be reliable, consider one of the best high-end steakhouse chains or one of the best budget-friendly steakhouse chains.

Activities for Father’s Day
June is prime time to pass your days outside. If you live near a lake and have your fishing license, bait your hooks and go bond out on the boardwalk. Be sure to check out the most beautiful places in America's state and national parks and take a beginner hike. If your dad likes to chill out, maybe going to a drive-in movie theater is a better option. Finish the day off with a drink at one of America’s best cocktail bars or a great dive bar if that is more your speed.


Where to travel for Father’s Day
Not that you need an excuse to go on a road trip or hop on a plane somewhere, but it would be fun to celebrate dad while on a trip. No matter where you live, there is an awesome summer vacation spot you can head to for a weekend or longer. Maybe bond with your pop over some crazy roadside attractions along Route 66.