What's the Best Gym in America? You Tell Us.

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Those Planet Fitness commercials make it hard to believe, but the truth is there actually are gym-goers who really do want to work out at what some might label a macho, “muscle-head” gym. Grunting drill sergeants, and all. Of course other exercisers might simply be in search of the most convenient membership. After all, affordability and proximity go a long way when it comes to investing in exercise.

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Membership cost, atmosphere, equipment quality, location, training services, and extra amenities are all important factors that every exerciser considers when choosing a great gym. But which aspects are most important, and what makes a gym extra exceptional?

Because we all have different exercise goals, we know the answer to that question is different for everyone. While one exerciser might be in search of a tranquil and relaxing space to re-energize, another might prefer a high-energy environment to complement their high-intensity workouts.

Since there are so many different variables that can make a workout space great, we want you to have a say in our final list of the best gyms in America. Who better to decide the top places to exercise than the gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts who frequent them on a regular basis? (Well, at least hopefully you’re putting that membership to good use!)

We compiled a preliminary list of 61 gyms, many of which are the most popular and most talked about in the country. It includes everything from highly-rated, exclusive regional clubs and well-known chains to alternative fitness centers that offer unique, one-of-a-kind workouts. The final list of the top gyms in America is up to you, though.

We want you to vote for your favorite workout spaces. Vote for the best and even comment to let us know what makes them so great, and next week we’ll reveal your picks for the best gyms in America. Click HERE to take the survey and vote now