What's the Best Bike Shop in America? You Tell Us

Vote for your favorite local shop and check back for the 2015 rankings

The dinging bell on the door of your favorite shop is almost as sweet a memory as the one on your childhood bike. The gear inside could keep you occupied for hours and the crew is always there for a quick repair, full-scale remodel, or a conversation about the latest goings-on in the local cycling community.

Whether you drop by frequently or only stop in occasionally, every cyclist has a favorite local shop and just like last year we’re looking for your help to find the best of the best in America.

You Tell Us: What’s the Best Bike Shop in America? Vote here!

While we have our favorite local shops, we need your help to widen the scope and survey the far corners of the country. If we know one thing, it’s that no one knows the sweet spots better than the locals, so we’re calling on you.

Last year’s list of the best bike shops in America was possible because of the astounding number of votes and comments from dedicated riders like you. While your votes were enlightening, the comments were even more so. We learned the recipe for the best bike shop has a few essential ingredients, and a few add-ons to sweeten the deal. To be the best, a shop absolutely must have a knowledgeable, down-to-earth staff that will take each customer seriously. Huge bonus points if that staff rides locally (or organizes group rides) and uses the gear they recommend to customers.

Some shops serve coffee, or beer, or find other small ways to make their place standout as a pillar of the cycling community. We’re looking forward to recognizing more of these hidden gems and famous institutions again this year, but we need your input. 

Starting with our list of 50 winners from last year's poll and adding top shops from the National Bicycle Dealers Association’s list, we’ve compiled a list of more than 100 shops that are among the best in the country and we need your help to narrow it down to 50. Vote here and let us know which shop is the best in America!