What Your Favorite Workout Says About You

Your choice of exercise says more about your personality than you might think

Everyone has a favorite exercise. It’s like ice cream, movies or music; you try different kinds every once in a while but there’s always the one that holds an extra special place in your heart above all others.

It’s the one activity that always keeps you coming back for more because to you, it just never gets old. None of your friends will ever understand why you love it so much.

You’re not worried about what they think (that you’re obsessed), though. You know that as long as you can get your (insert your favorite exercise here) fix you’ll be alright.  

The best part about being a very specific kind of fitness fanatic is that your choice of workout sort of shines a light on your personality. Whether it’s a small part of who you are or you live and breathe it every day, the fact that you even have a favorite exercise shows that you have passion and dedication and that you know fitness can be fun.

Kudos to you! You’re a workout warrior. Keep reading to find out what your favorite workout says about you

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