What Your Favorite Running Shoe Brand Says About You

Your sneaker choice actually says a lot about you as a runner

1. Brooks

You genuinely enjoy running. You do it for the joy of the sport and every workout leaves you smiling for days afterward. You never make an Instagram post without using the hash tag #RunHappy and your non-runner friends, well they’re quite confused about how one person could love to run so much.

2. Asics

You’ve basically been a runner your entire life. You come from a family of athletes, ran track in high school and now, as a recreational runner, you just sincerely appreciate the comfort of a well-built running shoe. You’ve been brand loyal since your first pair and would never even think about cheating with another type of shoe.

3.  New Balance

You’re more of a casual runner, but you’ve been a runner for a long time and appreciate a classic shoe. For you, function is much more important than fashion. You’re not afraid to admit that you’re old school. You own #ThrowbackThursday like the classy, timeless runner that you are.

4. Newton

You’re a serious runner. Every workout is a chance to improve on your form and every race is an opportunity to better your best. You’re friends call you Speedy Gonzales and The Flash is your idol.

5. Skora

Minimalist is your middle name. You’re more passionate about your sneakers than almost anything else in your life and you don't care who knows it. When you go out for a run you want to feel like you're one with the road; it’s just you, your shoes and the trail ahead.


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