What to Wear for Fall Cycling: The 8 Essentials

The essentials to keep warm during those crisp autumn rides

Autumn is upon us. And while the weather is still looking similar to our old friend summer, it is bound to drop in temperature very soon. So take out those jackets, put away the shorts and get ready for the most colorful season of the year. [slideshow:1112]

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Fall can be a funky season. And not just because of the crazy colors of falling leaves. It can be warm one day, reaching mid 60s, and then drop 10 degrees in a matter of hours. That’s why dressing properly for a day of cycling is key to keeping your body prepared for where the weather might turn.

Here we’ve compiled a list of all the necessary essentials for cycling in fall. It’s time to put away the fingerless gloves, and short-sleeved jerseys and get ready for some cooler temperatures and harder winds.

Layering is key for comfortably making it through fall. And remember, it’s not quite winter yet, so there is still some fun cycling out there, without the icy breeze that is bound to come. So stock up on these 8 cycling clothing essentials and stay warm and healthy on your rides this season.


A good rule of thumb is to always keep the knees covered at 50 degrees or lower. A solid pair of bib knickers are a prime investment. The Giordana Silverline Bib Knickers are great for fall days when tights may be too warm, but bib shorts are too little. These knickers use a winter-weight microfiber, Super Roubaix to retain warmth but allows a comfortable range of motion.

Polyester Base Layer

Start your layering with a base layer made of a polyester fabric. This will enhance moisture wicking and keep your body dry. Castelli Flanders Wind Base Layer uses a multi-denier polyester composition that keeps fabric stretchable and comfortable while wicking moisture.

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