What is the Smart Pedal and Why Might It Be the Best Thing Since the Advent of the Bicycle?

This pedal will use GPS, GPRS, it’s own internet connection and it will create it’s own energy
Facebook.com/Connected Cycle

There are plenty of mobile fitness trackers available for cyclists and many different kinds of bike locks but each of the existing accessories leaves something to be desired. Smart phone apps that track progress require that cyclists carry their device during the ride and bike locks are easily and regularly broken by eager thieves. But it seems a startup from Paris may have finally found one intelligent solution to both problems.

Unveiled at CES Iternational 2015, the Smart Pedal from Connected Cycle works using GPS and GPRS sensors to track location, speed, route, incline and calories burned on each ride. The location feature helps bike owners track down their bike, whether it’s stolen or they simply forgot where they parked it. The other data is sent to the cloud and can be accessed with the help of the Connected Cycle app--riders don’t even need to carry their phones to record that information, the pedal does it all.

As an added bonus, the cycle generates it’s own energy, which means you never have to charge it. Installation is quick and easy, but only the owner of the cycle can remove the pedal with a special key. Pricing is not available yet, as the pedal is in it’s early stages, but the company will begin crowdfunding soon.

This device is poised to bring unprecedented security and fitness tracking to the bicycling world. If the pedal translates well from concept to reality, it could lower the instance of bike theft, make fitness tracking easier and this and other exciting advancements in technology could potentially encourage more people to begin cycling.

To find out more about the Connected Cycle pedal and receive updates on production, check out their website.

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