What’s the Best Running Shoe Brand? You Tell Us!

Let’s find out which running shoes are America’s favorites

UPDATE: The survey is closed and the results are in!

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Some people run barefoot, but for the majority of runners sneakers are an essential part of the equation.

When you set out to find the perfect shoe, the number of running shoe brands to choose from (let alone actual sneaker models) can be quite overwhelming; how do you know which will be right for you?

Well, the answer to that question will probably involve a bit of trial and error. You won’t know whether a sneaker is the best fit until you take it for a spin.  

But whether you’ve been running for years and are ready to try on a new pair of shoes or you’re a first-timer who wants to get started with the best pair possible, we want to help you narrow down your search by finding out which brands the majority of runners out there like best.

Click here to take the survey and let us know which brand is your favorite and why. And make sure to check back because in a few weeks when the results are in, we’ll be sure to share them here!

Take the survey: What’s the Best Running Shoe Brand?

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