What to Eat on Vacation: Healthy Options That Won't Destroy Your Diet

Keep your healthy eating habits on track while you're away with these easy alternatives

Vacations allow for an escape from the typical stressors of our day to day lives. It’s a chance to explore the world while we relax and recharge—so, it’s only natural that we’d want to try new foods and indulge in favorites that we normally deem off limits while we’re away.

But on the other hand, most of us want to avoid going completely overboard, too. As many of us have probably experienced firsthand, though, when there are so many decadent treats available and we’re constantly dining out, it’s not easy to keep our healthy eating habits on track while traveling.

How can you find a balance between enjoying your favorite treats and maintaining a nutritionally sensible diet? Well, you can start by arming yourself with some knowledge about different options.

Read on to learn what registered dietitian, pro nutrition coach and author of “Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight LossGeorgie Fear suggests opting for while your happily enjoying a relaxing holiday. 

(P.S. She even said you can have ice cream!)

Avoid: Donuts

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Going on a road trip? “If you have to grab a fast food breakfast because you're hitting the highway early, skip the donuts and coffee,” Fear said.

Opt For: An Egg White Sandwich

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Instead, start your day with a less sugary option, like a McDonald's Egg White Delight McMuffin. “Lean Canadian bacon, egg whites and white cheddar cheese on an English muffin is a tasty way to get protein and carbohydrates without overloading on fat and sugar,” Fear explained. “And at 250 calories each, if you're a hearty breakfast eater, you may want two of them.”

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