What to Drink Before, During and After Exercise

Good Libations: Six performance-boosting ways to wet your whistle

There are plenty of persistent myths when it comes to proper hydration, so let’s start with a good understanding of the basics—water: how much should you drink, and how often? Click through to the slideshow to find out.

Some aftermarket additives are worth considering, though. Electrolytes, for example, help your body absorb that precious H2O, and supplemental sodium is important for replacing what you sweat out during exercise, especially as we enter the warmer months. And don’t forget protein and carbohydrates, which can help athletes bounce back after a hard workout.

Whether or not you’ve have heard—or care—about the rumor about the efficacy of chocolate milk as a recovery agent, or are aware of the study that points to beer as a miracle marathon recovery elixir, these six hydration tips won't dissapoint.