What do Taylor Swift and 80s Aerobic Workouts Have in Common? Apparently Everything

This 80s aerobic workout and Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' are a match made in heaven

Before Taylor Swift wrote her hit song “Shake it Off,” this video of the opening performance from the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship was sort of an internet sensation all on its own. (A glimpse into the weird world of the 80s aerobicise movement is basically Internet gold.)

But now, thanks to YouTube user Thomas Jung (original poster of a revamped version of the video, which has now been blocked by Universal Music Group), the wacky workout video has resurfaced in a whole new light. 

Press play and you’ll find that T Swift’s pop hit seems to sync up perfectly to these fabulous 80s exerciser moves. In fact, it makes the video infinitely more amusing.

Check it out quickly because it probably won’t be long before UMG gets around to blocking the duplicate versions that have popped up since the original video was uploaded.  

*Editors Note: Since UMG seems to be blocking the video on YouTube, we suggest playing "Shake It Off" in the background while watching the original video with the volume on mute. You will not regret it.

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