Ways You Can Workout While Pregnant

Ways You Can Workout While Pregnant

Workout While Your Pregnant

“Staying in shape during pregnancy is about much more than just moving,” says says Rebekah Borucki, a fitness and yoga instructor and the founder of BEXLIFE and the BLISSED IN® wellness movement. "Exercise is essential, but so is your mental health and diet." Borucki said that in uncomplicated pregnancies, most times it’s safe for the mother to continue with the exercise routine she was following before, but she says that low-impact exercises are most ideal. Continue reading to find out which types of workouts and exercises Borucki recommends most for pregnant women.


Borucki says that yoga is one of her favorite ways to exercise while pregnant. “My growing body provides all the extra weight I need to make my yoga practice a powerful one,” she said.  “However, in yoga, deep twists and lying on your back for extended periods of time should be avoided—especially in the second and third trimesters."


“Walking keeps me active without exhausting me,” Borucki said. “There’s also an invaluable meditative element to both a yoga and walking practice that gives me time to relax, connect with my new baby, and de-stress from pregnancy-related anxiety."


Again, so long as you’re already conditioned for it and you feel comfortable, running is another great way to stay in shape during your pregnancy. However, as Borucki mentioned earlier, this isn’t the time to attempt running further or faster than you ever have before.

Biking and Spinning

Borucki also recommends biking or group exercise spinning classes as a low-impact way to workout while pregnant.


Resistance training is another form of exercise that pregnant women can engage in safely. Just make sure that you’re comfortable while working out and remember that you shouldn’t be aiming to lift heavier weights than what you were comfortable with before or pushing your body too intensely.


Another routine that’s low-impact and relaxing, Borucki recommends swimming for pregnant women looking for an easy way to stay in shape as their bodies begin to add extra weight.


Also a low-impact workout, Zumba is another great exercise option for women who are expecting.

Water Aerobics

If you’re not so much into swimming laps but enjoy exercising in the water, water aerobics is a low-impact option that can effectively help you stay in shape during your pregnancy.



Rowing on an ergometer is another way you can exercise while pregnant. Again, so long as you feel comfortable and were already conditioned for it before becoming pregnant.

Stair Climbing

Similar to walking, swimming or yoga, stair climbing—whether on a machine at the gym or a standard staircase— is another low-impact workout that can help you effectively maintain your health and fitness while pregnant. Just make sure to go slowly and take extra caution, as it’s not recommended that pregnant women engage in activities that create an increased risk for falling.