The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Caribbean

Take a trip to paradise


Trying to come up with this list of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches was definitely a challenge. I mean common, the Caribbean is just gorgeous, and the beaches are equally amazing. How could you possibly decide which paradise you like the most?

With the help of expert opinions and reviews, I was able to come up with the Most Beautiful Beaches in the Caribbean.

So, get ready to explore the pearly-white sand, clear turquoise water, and amazing waves. Try a new water sport… Go swimming, snorkeling and surfing! Or maybe just relax with a nice book, cuddle up with your significant other, or build sandcastles with the kids. Whatever way you decide to spend your day, you will most definitely catch some rays. That being said, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Below are the Most Beautiful Beaches in the Caribbean

*Tip: Don’t forget your waterproof camera!


1. Anguilla-Shoal Bay

Forcellini Danilo / Shutterstock


2. British Virgin Islands- Virgin Gorda

Photo Modified: Flickr / kansasphoto / CC BY 4.0


3. Turks & Caicos- Grace Bay

Photo Modified: Flickr / Rian Castillo / CC BY 4.0


4. Cayman Islands- Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

mikolajn / Shutterstock


5. Punta Cana- Playa Juanillo

Ilyas Kalimullin / Shutterstock


6. St. Lucia- Anse Chastenet

Photo Modified: Flickr / Derek Key / CC BY 4.0


7. Antigua- Jolly Beach

Photo Modified: Flickr / Andrea Tosatto / CC BY 4.0


8. Aruba- Eagle Beach

Photo Modified: Flickr / Göran Ingman / CC BY-SA 4.0


9. Barbados- Crane Beach

Photo Modified: Flickr / Sean O’Shaughnessy / CC BY-SA 4.0


10. Anguilla- Little Bay

Photo Modified: Flickr / Alan Turkus / CC BY 4.0


11. Barbuda- Low Bay

Photo Modified: Flickr / Roberto Faccenda / CC BY-SA 4.0


12. St. Martin- Pinel Island

Photo Modified: Flickr / Christina Warner Hawks / CC BY 4.0


13. Puerto Rico- Isabela

Photo Modified: Flickr / Ricardo Mangual / CC BY 4.0


14. St. Thomas- Hanslollick

Photo Modified: Flickr / Navin Rajagopalan / CC BY-SA 4.0


15. Dominican Republic- Playa Breton

Photo Modified: Flickr / Ben Kucinski / CC BY 4.0


16. Jamaica- Frenchman’s Cove

Photo Modified: Flickr / keatssycamore / CC BY-SA 4.0


17. Barbuda- 17-Mile Beach

Aleh Mikalaichyk / Shutterstock


18. Costa Rica- Cahuita Beach

Photo Modified: Flickr / Armando Maynez / CC BY 4.0


19. St. Barth- Gouverneur, St Barth

Photo Modified: Flickr / Josh Engroff / CC BY 4.0


20. Venezuela- Los Roques

Photo Modified: Flickr / Alessandro Caproni / CC BY 4.0



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