17 of the Best Surf Towns in the World

Some of the top surf towns don’t just have great breaks


What are the ideal surfing conditions? Ask 20 surfers and you’ll probably get at least 15 different answers. Factors such as who are you with, your skill level and mood are as important as wind, swell, seafloor and waves.[slideshow:102196]

What comes to mind when you think of a surf town? Is it an oceanfront outpost in southern California or perhaps a tropical locale south of the border? While those spots are what most people immediately think of, there are many more diverse surf towns out there.

From the west coast of Ireland to a tiny fishing village in southern Morocco and even a small town in Australia, some of the top surf towns don’t just have great breaks. Others, though, are exactly what you would expect—all sand, sun and mellow feelings that last long after you leave the water.

So grab your boards, maybe pack a wetsuit (depending on your destination) and hit the waves. The best surf towns don’t only cater to the surf-obsessed; they offer plenty of fun adventurous opportunities for people who are just beginning to practice this extreme sport.

When it comes to ocean surfing, California, Hawaii and Australia are synonymous with the sport and culture. Though these are hot spots for catching waves, surfing is practiced all over the world, in places many people would never expect.

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