This Is Where to Cruise in the Fall

Cruises are not just for summer, and fall is not just for road trips and hikes
Where to Cruise in the Fall?

Summer is almost over and with it crowds go away. This brings prices down by a lot; there are significantly fewer bookings, making cruises in the fall are also an affordable vacation option.[slideshow:104597]

You know exactly what you’re paying for and you end up spending half what you would if you went to a resort. The cheapest prices now are for cruises going to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Alaska.

Most of the people who go on a cruise in the fall are couples who have no kids (they are back in school). It doesn’t take long to find great discounts for cruises to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and many more exotic destinations. You also get lots of ship options, cheap upgrades, nicer weather, and stunning fall foliage.

You can finally relax after the hectic summer months; find lower cruise rates, and plan your trip at the last minute. Book a spa onboard, unwind, leave your stresses behind you, and enjoy a spectacular cruise vacation.

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