The Most Incredible Places to Swim With Whales Around the World

Extend the domain of your adventure


Whale watching should be on every adventurer’s bucket list of crazy quests. Swimming with these fascinating marine mammals takes “exploring” to a whole new level and but should not be reserved for the bravest souls out there.[slideshow:102191]

Whales usually evoke fear, at first.  But some species are real “gentle giants.”

Many whales, especially baleen whales, tend to migrate long distances from their cold-water feeding grounds to warm-water breeding grounds each year. This is the best time to see and swim with them. They travel alone or in groups, or pods.

Witnessing the mighty mammals is never guaranteed. Weather and ocean conditions can change suddenly. Still, certain destinations are more dependable than others. When you should go to swim with whales depends on how far you are willing to travel, what else you want to do on your vacation, and what species you want to see the most.

Swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea is one of the most thrilling adventures you can embark on. Always keep a decent distance though.

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