Most Gorgeous Beaches in the Caribbean



If the idea of a memorable vacation is synonymous with catching sunrays, relaxing on powdery beaches, swimming among all kinds of colorful fish, and enjoying a nice cool breeze, then the Caribbean must be the perfect destination.[slideshow:89018]

The ideal beach can be secluded or on a busy hotspot, with long stretches of white or pink sand, or with pristine turquoise waters that will make you want to set up camp and spend your entire vacation there. Accessing some of the stunning shores can be as easy as parking nearby, or as challenging as hiking and climbing down a very steep cliff. Seeing a waterfall crashing down on the beach is worth the effort. 

Some of the locations on the list are in adventure destinations that don’t require a passport, so you can simply pack a bag and go. Nothing is stopping you. Others are known for their unique sand, recreational opportunities, mixture of sea water and fresh river water, and the views of unspoiled nature and lavish green hills in the background.

Glowing blue waters, powdery and pristine sands, and whirling palm trees – whatever your fantasy of the ideal beach is, the Caribbean is where you’ll find it. The Bahamas and Aruba are some of the most famous islands that attract thousands of visitors every month, but lesser-known gems, and Cuba, are just as spectacular.

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