22 Idyllic Islands Americans Probably Don’t Know About

Don’t be ashamed if you’ve never heard of them; many people haven’t either
Idyllic Islands Americans Don’t Know About

Everyone has had a moment when a desire to just go out and get away takes over. The best destination for this kind of mood is a spot far, far away, preferably one you’ve never seen before.[slideshow:104616]

That means going somewhere other probably won’t follow. And that means little-known or hard to get to places.

Idyllic far-flung islands are the perfect candidate. Under-the-radar isles offer stunning sights, ocean breezes, and lots of fun, but one of their biggest attraction is the lack of crowds.

Luckily for the bold travelers out there, the world still has many lesser-known and underexplored islands that fit this description.

How would you like to be among the first people who go on trips to unusual places that everybody will be asking about later?

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