Holiday Cruises That Won’t Bankrupt You

Have a real vacation during the holidays


Exploring exotic destinations during one trip is just part of the quest. Being onboard award-winning ships with crazy adventures such as skydiving will certainly not ruin your trip. Doing all that during the holidays instead of staying home cooking large meals is even better.[slideshow:102662]

You can see and explore multiple regions of the world for as little as $47 per night per person. The farther you go from the U.S. the more expensive it gets, but prices don’t reach scary levels at all. You can cruise through the Mediterranean for two weeks and not reach into your piggy bank.

Budgets can be limited but that should not limit your vacation plans.

The trips’ prices on the following list are all based on booking interior rooms. But since all travelers have access to the same onboard facilities, where you spend a few hours at night sleeping seemed of little significance.

If you planned on taking a cruise this season but you had to save every spare penny, make sure you get your money’s worth.

Click here for 10 holidays cruises that won’t bankrupt you

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