Bodies of Water Too Dangerous for People to Touch

Some of the prettiest lakes are the most dangerous in the world


On a sweltering summer day, jumping into the ocean or a lake is a great idea. Plunging into a refreshingly cool natural pool, surrounded by clear turquoise waters and fairytale-like picturesque scenery is an incredible experience.[slideshow:93920]

But looks can be deceiving. Cannonballing into a dazzling but poisonous body of water can turn out to be a decision you will always regret.

Swimming locations can be found in the most unexpected places, some of which include on top of waterfalls, on the edge of cliffs, or in flooded caves. Make sure you know the less inviting facts about the place where you plan to spend time and relax. You don’t want to come out of the water with the unnerving feeling of rashes, skin and eye irritations, stomach problems, and fungal infections.

Water, without which life is not possible, covers 70 percent of the planet. However, certain lakes and rivers mean to kill people, if they are not careful. Physical interaction can be deadly. In some cases, a human should not even be near the water or he or she will certainly be dead within an hour.

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