The Best Caribbean Cruises for Winter

The Bahamas and Aruba attract thousands of visitors every month, but lesser-known gems are just as spectacular


Replace the cold, ice and snow with sun, beaches and warm waters – sail around the Caribbean in the winter. Cruises are the perfect option if you can’t decide on a single destination. Visit many stunning beaches and lavish green landscapes in the span of a just a few days to several weeks.[slideshow:96103]

If the idea of a memorable vacation is synonymous with catching sunrays, relaxing on powdery coasts, swimming among all kinds of colorful fish, and enjoying a nice cool breeze, then the Caribbean must be the perfect destination.

It is the best choice for many Americans who want to go on a trip to a warm paradise but not travel too far away. The region’s proximity is also what makes it an ideal budget adventure. Exploring Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands is a bucket list quest.

The Bahamas and Aruba are some of the most famous islands that attract thousands of visitors every month, but lesser-known gems, and Cuba, are just as spectacular. Winter is the dry season in the Caribbean, which is just another reason to travel deeper into the region now and see its unspoiled and unique beauty

Forests, waterfalls, unusual birds and wildlife, magnificent national parks, botanic gardens – in addition to world-famous beaches – Caribbean sailings offer some of the best tropical getaways in the world.

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