Awesome Swim-up Pool Bars Around the World

Enjoy creative cocktails in a spectacular setting without ever leaving the water


Imagine visiting one of the most incredible hotel pools in the world, then not even having to leave the water to enjoy a tropical cocktail, glass of wine or refreshing slushie. Whether you’re taking a dip in a geothermal saltwater lagoon in Iceland or have your toes in the sand in Tahiti, if you’re in your swimsuit and have a drink in your hand, you’re practically forced into vacation mode.[slideshow:102111]

If you’re looking to maintain your fitness on vacation, you can do some clever pool workouts, such as vertical kicking or somersaults, to burn some calories and earn that drink (without disturbing other vacationers). Even a 10-minute swim can help you de-stress and take your mind off of anything that could be causing anxiety in your life. Even if you aren’t looking for much of a workout while traveling, know that simply seeing “blue space”—i.e., an ocean—from the pool could lower your psychological distress on its own.

Aside from featuring clever cocktail menus, these bars are surrounded by such scenic settings and chic design that they can be considered destinations on their own. So load up on the sunscreen, grab a pina colada and let your stress melt away when you dive into one of these cool pools.

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